Zrce Beach, Between Beach and The Clubs

Europe is the most interesting continent in the world which has many tourism places that can make our mind relax and fresh. Starting from natural tourism place up to modern tourism place, Europe serves many destinations that cannot be forgotten. Zrce beach is one of famous destination place in Europe that can grab lot of tourist attention, trough many facilities there. This beach is located in south east from Novalja, Croatia. Zrce beach is there are some interesting place that each place has different sense and scenery. In the Zrce Beach, there is a place named Novalja. A place on the island of Pag which is popular in summer, which is a resort which hosts probably the only beach in Croatia with Ibiza sense.

Zrce Beach

Zrce can be reached form Novalja by car or you can take a small bus operating during the summer.

Zrce beach is a long, stretched, white pebbled beach with crystal clear sea. The beach has numerous facilities and three popular open-air clubs which offers entertainment until the sun rises. Aquarius and Papaya are outfits from Zagreb’s popular clubs, and there is also beach-bar called Kalypso. Aquarius is superbly equipped, it is a places to eat, to drink and to dance, aerobics, homemade ice cream and also a fun pool! Often there are theme parties, bubble parties, live concerts, and accompanied by international DJ’s playing  in Hippiest house music.

The next is Papaya. Papaya is arranged in exotic style and it offers bar, restaurant, VIP area, pool, water slide, Jacuzzi, after beach parties, cocktail parties, foam parties and dancing all night. Varied music styles are played by resident and international DJ’s playing also. Kalypso is a beach sport bar offering sand volley beach, darts, badminton, then cocktails, Internet access, fast food, but also all kinds of other fun events including Miss and Mister competition and of course good music until morning.


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