Wow!!! Beautiful Old Town of Stockholm, Fantastic!!!

Do not claim ever to Stockholm if you have not visited the Old City. Yes, this old town is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Stockholm. Beautiful, fantastic!

From the central station of  Stockholm, the Old City can be reached by walk above 10 minutes. Do not worry bored along the way, shops and restaurants can be the scenery. When at the end of Drottninggatan aka ‘the queen way’ then you will see the entrance to the Old City. From the outside it just has an exotic place with the presence of the river on the edge of way. In this region there is also a place to stay Prime Minister of Sweden.

As the name implies Old City is a past history of the Stockholm region. Beautiful old buildings lined along the way are decorated rocky road that makes exotic increasingly radiated. Not to mention the existence of various narrow way winding being here, so the thick feel of oldies. Unfortunately, some of the way had become a sketchbook.

Old City Center is located in Stortorget street. There people often refer to it as the square, where various activities are often carried out here. In the square there is also the Nobel Museum. Rows of the great Nobel laureate displayed in this museum. Do not worry, the entry is free.

If you’ve finished touring the museum and the square, travelers can continue his quest to various corners of the Old City. The old building in a very indulgent eye. That said, the exterior of the building is maintained as the original, only part of it just may be made more modern.

The old building in the Old City is also not left alone. Because also empowered to souvenir shops, restaurants and others. So while a walk through the old city, travelers can also accommodate his thirst shooping. But, the user of the building in the Old City should keep the old face of each building here. Inside of the building, modern device may be added, but the old portrait that keeps a history of the city of Stockholm must still emanated from the building.


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