Affordable Tourist Spots in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach – We know United States for its powerful army forces or its politic news that decorate almost all news channels in our television. Well, those things are very interesting to be explored, but they may invite dizzy to our head. Besides of politic and military army, actually United States have something attractive that make you want to explore more. It is a place where you can see sunshine in the middle of autumn or winter in this country, so can you guess the name of the place? If you answer Florida, you are almost right, but if you answer “West Palm Beach”, it means you damn right!

Take A Glance of West Palm Beach

When it comes to sunshine and America, Florida is the first thing that comes in your mind. Yup, in this place we can enjoy beautiful sunshineand romantic sunrise on the beach. This is a place where the duck is flying when the winter is coming in the north, and West Palm Beach is the part of this city. It is located in the south part of Florida. This city is easy to be accessed by plane, car, taxi, bus and boat. For foreign tourist, Palm Beach airport is waiting to be visited, and for people from America, they can reach it through Tri Rail and Amstrak train, Palm tran bus and Greyhound bus, West palm beach waterfront can be taken from Miami. This various transportation system is a sign that the government in this city is ready to elevate it as one of United States’ must-visit-place.

Let’s Skip The Beach

West palm beach city is known for its beautiful beach. Here, people can do some water sports or lay in the sand for tanning their body, but actually this place has other attractive place rather than the beach such as Clematic street. For everyone who likes vintage style or feeling, this historical place provides many old style buildings, just like in the movie. It is free to visit and it has many hotels surround it, so your accommodation is guaranteed if you visit this place.

When the night comes to town, many night clubs are open to let you taste the hype of this southern city. However, if you want to save your money in your budget trip, you can go to City Place. This spot is located in the downtown city. You can see millionaire of city lamps and shops along the street.  Not to mention visiting the artistic Kravis Performing art or Norton museum, the places where you can get close to art and taste the artistic dinner in their restaurant.

6 Photos of the Affordable Tourist Spots in West Palm Beach

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