Water Blow, Free Natural Tourist Attractions in Nusa Dua

Tourist destinations in Bali is not dead. Many of the beaches that you can enjoy its beauty. However, have you ever heard Water Blow in Nusa Dua? Bali is known by a coastline of beaches for endless to explore. However Kuta, Sanur and Pandavas beach is well known traveler. Likewise with the Nusa Dua Beach. But, have you ever heard of natural attaraction for Water Blow?

Water Blow located in the BTDC, Nusa Dua, Bali. This area is fairly priced and elite because the cottage exorbitant. However, Water Blow is a free attraction.

Yes, Water Blow will present a scenic of rock, mangroves and chirping seagulls. The combination of the right to enjoy in our spare time. Visitors can enjoy how the explosion of water crashing into the rocks. Thereafter, the sea fly and wet your body.

While taking pictures you can see the length Gerger beach and Nusa Dua Beach. The beauty of the ocean also drugged traveler who visited this attraction. Indeed, this region is quite hot during the day. We recommend that you arrive late in the afternoon, at around 3:00 pm while waiting for the sunset.

To access this destination, from Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. There are two roads. A second pass through the toll lanes and streets. Then, you will enter the area of ??Nusa Dua Resort. The area are quite beautiful.

In Nusa Dua Resort, after the first roundabout, turn right. Then, meet a second roundabout, go right again. It was only at the third roundabout you go left. Straight ahead until well into the area of ??Nusa Dua BTDC. The place is not far from Nusa Dua Theatre.

Entering this area you have to park you car or motorcycle outside BTDC. But take it easy, when you walking, you will be taken by the scenic beauty of BTDC to the location of Water Blow. On the left and right would be no place for a picnic.

One important thing, if you bring a DSLR camera or Handycam, you should ask permission first. Do not try too littering. Or visitors will incur a fine of Rp 50 thousand.


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