Four Stars W Hotel Miami Beach


Miami is the states in America with many beaches. The location of Miami is in south and this area has long beach line with white sand. That’s why, people who want to go to the beautiful beach, and they should choose Miami as their destination. With many beautiful beaches, Miami also has many hotels and resorts. One example hotel is W Hotel Miami Beach. This hotel is categorized as 4 stars hotel in Miami. The location of this hotel is in 2201 Collins Avenue – Miami Beach, Florida 33139, United States. This south beach hotel becomes the number one hotel in Miami Beach, based on hotel guests.

The Complete Facilities of W Hotel Miami Beach

W Hotel Miami Beach has 17 floors and make this hotel becomes the perfect hotel with Miami Beach as the scenery. For the room types, there are 7 types room. The entire rooms are available with standard facilities with high speed internet connection. The most luxury room type in this hotel is MEGA SUITE. This room type has own balcony and the location of this room is the top with swimming pool available. And the smallest type on this hotel is Bungalow model and the location of this hotel is in the lowest floor and this room only offers one bedroom and one bathroom in small size.

The facilities of W Hotel Miami Beach are complete. There are Wet Outdoor Heated Pool, Bliss Spa, Fitness center, Water Sports Attraction, Living Room with bar and high speed internet connection. This hotel already has 24 hours of room service. So, any guest can ask some help if they want to the hotel. For the entertainment, this hotel offer IPhone App Service in the own room. So, IPhone users can enter to the room and they can get application on free and they can consult about their phone on this room.

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