Visiting Ipanema Beach

When you go to Rio de Janeiro do not forget to visit Ipanema beach, especially if you like something more secluded and not in the mainstream. This beach, although not as famous as the Copacabana, it has more variety of places around the beach, very great view and various visitors. If you have not visited Ipanema beach, you may hesitate to go there, but if you have visited it even for just once, you will want to visit it more and more.

Since we talk about Rio de Janeiro which is a city of developing country, having some scoundrels here is not something uncommon. But do not let it stopping you from enjoying the Ipanema beach rio when you go to Rio de Janeiro. Now let’s try comparing Copacabana and Ipanema beach, while both have similar situation like some scoundrels wander around, but Copacabana has vast amount of prostitution and also not so genuine establishment. Ipanema still has some scoundrels but do not compare it to the one in Copacabana, this one is less dangerous. Ipanema also has some working girls around, but only in a few hotels located along the beach. Just try coming to both beach, you will find it is better since you still can have enjoyable time when you are eating on the vendors around.

Other than that, Ipanema beach brazil also has good physical angle and the heights of the building makes the beach get more sun and also the big part of year sunset. The water in the beach is also cleaner than the water in the more famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema beach is also the place for cariocas or the people living in Rio to hang out. The neighborhood also provides numerous places to stay like the simple bed and little room. But be careful, some robberies still happen although it is now rarer.

Sections of Ipanema beach

Ipanema beach also can make us curious about the place. If you ever heard, the beach is divided in to informal sections. There are postos or simply saying the general referral points that numbered by lifeguard towers. There are 4 spot, spot 7 for surfer who comes to Ipanema. Posto 7 has proximity to the good waves breaking off the rock in Arpoador. Many people also come to posto 7 of Ipanema beach from the shantytown Cantagalo and Pavao, since it is very close from there.

The next posto is posto 8 where the rainbow flags are flattering in the wind. The posto 8 of Ipanema beach is the meeting point of international gay. And do not be surprised because in carnival time, the posto will be incredibly crowded. Then there is posto 9 where the most visitors who come are young students. The cloud of pot smoke surrounding this place is constant. The last is posto 10, where the rich and famous people prefer to come. Although Ipanema has the charm, it will not be so popular because of the restriction of building hotel, so people who feel like visiting a not so touristy place this one is the choice when you are in Rio.


7 Photos of the Visiting Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach

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