Visit the Coolest Museums, Read This Tips!!!

British Museums

Visits the museum will add our knowledge of the history and the past or see a high value collection. Trips to museums can be fun, especially if you visit the coolest museum. Provided, you know the tips. The tips will be very useful for the traveler who first visited the museum in order to get more memorable. As collected from various sources, these 4 tips for the traveler before visiting the coolest museums.

1. Find info

Before visiting the museum, you can browse on the museum first. Look for as much info. Where in the location? What times the operation, ticket prices and how many others.

The coolest museum usually privately owned and the operation could be different from government-owned museum operation. The easiest way is visit the official website of the museum. Do not be lazy to browse , traveler!

2. Find out the best collection

Besides addition information, the treveler also need to find out what areas of interest to visit in the museum. Museum called cool because the building is interesting or remarkable collection. Well, find out what the collection area and the most interesting for you to visit.

If visit the Louvre Museum, all travelers looking for the Mona Lisa pictures. The National Museum, travelers now seek Tek Sing treasure. Do not miss the best collections in the museum you visit!

3. Maintain cleanliness

This is a general rule that must be obeyed by the traveler will go to vacation, wherever your destination, especially when visiting the Museum. You are required to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the place visited. Do not litter!

Besides disturbing the aesthetic value, littering can also affect the tourist traffic. People will be reluctant to visit the museum if the museum dirty, a lot of trash and unkempt. Therefore, let us keep clean together museum traveler!

4. Comply with regulation

The traveler obligatory to comply with regulations set by the manager of the museum. For example: not allowed to take pictures or use flash in certain areas in the museum, or other regulations, in accordance with the policy manager. Museum managers must make the rules for the good common.

It may be that there are things that are not desirable if the traveler against the rules set by the manager. Surely you do not want something bad to happen instead? So, obey the rules and do not be stubborn traveler!

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British Museums
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