Virginia Beach Boardwalk Hotels Reviews

Virginia Beach is a tourist place with beautiful beaches with white sand. This place once visited so many local and foreign tourists on summer vacation. If you are on vacation to this place in a relatively long period of time, you can stay in some hotel with good facilities and service near the beach.

Some hotels in Virginia Beach Boardwalk, such as Grand Ocean Hotel, Ocean beach Club, 19 Atlantic Hotel, Ocean Key Resort, and Ocean Sand Resort. Each of the above hotels provide the kind of services and facilities that are not the same, for that you need to choose which one is suitable for you.

Grand Ocean Hotel

In the hotel there are three different rooms; suites, one bed and two bunk beds, where each of the rooms facing the ocean view. You can also enjoy a variety of amenities such as high speed internet, free parking, refrigerator, bar, swimming pool, and room service standards.

Ocean Beach Club

The hotel is located close to the shoreline, the price offered for a day and a night stay around $ 150 to $ 400 depending on the type of room that you choose. The existing facilities at the hotel, such as a fitness center, swimming pools for all ages, close to the shopping center, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, free internet access, and premium cable TV.

19 Atlantic Hotel

19 Atlantic Hotel is the cheapest lodging places ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 per day. However, the price does not include breakfast, so you need to buy food elsewhere. You can enjoy some facilities at the hotel, such as wireless TV channels, free internet access, refrigerators, microwaves, laundry, up to 24-hour service, and free parking.

Ocean Key Resort

Ocean key resort inn is a place that only offers a standard room, with a price range of $ 210 per day and does not include breakfast. But in this place you will get some facilities like a massage, free internet access, sofa beds, kitchenettes, and premium cable TV.

Ocean Sand Resort

If you book a room at the Ocean Sand Resort in the summer, you will get a discount of 15 percent, where the normal price of around $ 250 to $ 310 with free cancellation system. Facilities that can be found here, such as free internet access, a spa tub, a fitness facility, and premium cable TV.


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