Looking Venice Beach People Festival in Venice beach boardwalk

Venice Beach is a tourist spot located in the city of Los Angeles, State of California, United States. With an area of ??approximately about 3.1 sq mi, the population density up to 12,324 per sq mi makes this area very crowded at all.

This tourist spot has a variety of beauty, ranging from the white sand, blue beaches, coconut trees along the beaches, and modern buildings that stand parallel adorned in Venice Beach. At certain moments, the waves at the beach will be very big at all, and can be used to surf for surfers.

venice beach people

In the summer holidays, you will see a celebration of Venice beach people, where they put on a variety of costumes ranging from traditional to modern costumes. They all will be clearly visible along the Venice beach boardwalk. When it gets, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is very crowded once visited by local and foreign travelers.

Begins with a view of light shine behind the city, the sunrise is so beautifully; black, yellow, red, and orange color will adorn the beautiful blue sky. And Venice beach still looks deserted.

Around 7 am, the local and foreign tourists began to undertake activities, such as walking or cycling in Venice beach boardwalk. The air will be very cold with a refreshing sea breeze. You also will see a lot of Venice beach people prepare for various performances in local artwork. It will be great fun, especially when you see people using strange costumes.

During the day, the tourists who come to Venice beach are sunbathing along the beach. Some of them also do water activities such as swimming and surfing. The scenery is always eagerly awaited by tourists is sinking sun will disappear behind the ocean. Reddish light reflection will dominate in every corner. At this time, many of the tourists who sit on the edge of the beach is do the documentation to take the photo or video.

Overall, Venice Beach is the center of the beach resorts are in Los Angeles. You will also find a variety of enjoyable experience when visiting the beach on summer vacation. Have fun to visit Venice Beach.


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