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Tips vacation – Beauty of an island often attract the attention of many tourists . Well , to make a trip there , of course there are the tips . What is it? Compiled Corural.Com , Thursday ( 30/01/2014 ) , here’s 8 important tips vacation to the island :

1 . Check facilities

Not all the island has a complete facility or qualified. Therefore , make sure in advance what facilities there before came to an island .

You can find out from books or the internet to get the information. Make sure you get the data that is valid and can be trusted .

2 . Bring enough food

When a trip to an island that is sufficiently large and crowded , the food is not an issue that is too important . But it is different when you choose a vacation on a small island . Typically , the food there is not too much variation .

In fact , if a trip to a deserted island or empty , it will be impossible to buy food . So , bring enough food to fill the stomach during a holiday on the island .

3 . Bring clean water

On the island uninhabited , it took more effort to find clean water . As in the island Sempu , clean water source is located quite far from the lagoon where the overnight traveler .

Therefore , be sure to bring adequate water supply . You can guess how much water supply which want to be taken .

4 . Do not litter

It might sound trivial but it is actually very important . Never throw litter , especially on the island is still beautiful or virgin . Because in fact , many a traveler who still likes to throw garbage on the island .

Even some of them deliberately bury garbage in the sand because too lazy bring him back. Avoid unpleasant act like it and take a plastic trash . Put all trash and haul back garbage that you throw away . Respect this beautiful nature .

5 . Use sunblock

Sunblock is not just to prevent the skin becomes black but also prevent sunburn . Use sunblock 4 hours for maximum results .

6 . Check whether there is a signal or not

Checking an affordable island signal or not , is important . Because , anything can happen on the island , let alone a remote island , a small or uninhabited . If your boat is in trouble , would need to call for help .

In addition , make sure there is a signal or not is also important for the family and close relatives . When you lose your phone signal , of course they will look at your whereabouts . Well , if it turns out the island there is no signal , do not forget to tell your family and closest relatives .

7 . Find out where the nearest health center

Especially when a trip to a small island but still inhabited , find out where the nearest hospital or health center . It is important to seek medical assistance in an emergency .

So , if anything happens , you already know where to run to . Imagine troublesome if they have to ask local residents for directions while confusion when seeking emergency health centers .

8 . Do not destroy nature

One important thing to remember is to never destroy nature that exist in an island . These include the nature on land or under the sea . Travelers come to the island because of the natural beauty there to hear , lest they be disappointed because it turns nature has been tampered.

Responsibilities answer to all actions performed there . Avoid doing things that harm the environment either intentional or unintentional.

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