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The Urban Beach, or town seaside, is defined by town organizers as a synthetically created environment in a town setting that models an organic community seaside through the use of sand, umbrellas and sitting components. It does not consist of diving or any sort of organic sloping coastline into the water. The very point of the Urban Beach is to surprise and delight town citizens, workers and visitors by placing a seaside environment into a town area that would otherwise be typical cityscape.

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Many modifications of Urban Beach

Urban Beach is often found along rivers, though some are placed into town pieces or other areas far from the water. The seaside may be a periodic installation over a road or parking lot, or it may be permanent. It is not necessarily community land though it is always open to the community (sometimes with a small entrance fee). As river or ocean diving is not possible, many Urban Beach consist of the water fountains — for example water fountains, going swimming pools or air systems — for cooling off. Some Urban Beach feature entertainment and food/beverage areas. A few consist of sports facilities such as seaside beach ball.

Most town seashores are designed to appeal to a common population, from families to young single men and women to older citizens. Despite the absence of diving, swimsuit is commonly seen alongside the more usual outfit seen in major town centers.

The popularity of town seashores has increased in the early Twenty first century as the idea has been championed by town organizers, landscape designers and local political figures.

Although many places had tried short-term sand set ups for various celebrations and creative projects, the modern Urban Beach idea as a summer time community service in the middle of the town was made popular by the Paris-Plages, a program of periodic town seaside set ups along the Seine that started in 2002 and has been substantially successful. While some European Urban Beach claim to predate London, all built since have been strongly affected by its components of design and programming

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