Turtle Beach X41 Spesification Reviews

Turtle Beach X41 is made by Voyetra with the part number of TBS2170 has the best specifications in rows of gaming headsets with speeds up to 2.4 GHz radio frequency. This is very good to use for the lovers of games, because once you use it you will be get the best performance with a very clear voice.

The Turtle Beach X41 headset has a headphone function with binaural type. This mean, you can make contact through wireless technology with 7.1 channel sound output by surround mode. But not only that, when you use as the headphones, this headset are be able to provide a frequency response from 20 Hz – 20K Hz with diaphragm 2 in designed by neodymium magnets as the material.

turtle beach x41

The Microphone feature that available on Headset Turtle Beach X41 is carry the kind of Boom Electrets condenser technology with affordable mono mode operation with response bandwidth from 50 Hz to 15K Hz which is stable enough be used in any situation, when you play the game.

Still in use for Wireless links, this headset can only provide a transmission range up to 30 ft and as we know it is the best score for the current headset device. You’ll also find several types of connectors that can be used in all forms, such as SPDIF input (toslink), SPDID output (toslink), and audio line-in (RCA phono x 2).

In the case of power from Turtle Beach X41, The Headset is use an External Power adapter with the use of standard 2 x AAA battery type that can last up to 20 hours for full use. Some other features that you can found on the Turtle Beach X41 is such as built-in Dolby Digital decoder, Built-in Dolby Pro Logic II decoder, Auto power off, volume control, and bass boost.

Overall, The Turtle Beach X41 Headset is target specific use for the gamers who want a variety of experience in performing a wide range of activities such as communication, make calls and more with faster and more satisfactory results for the gaming mode.


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