Tumski Bridge, Love Bridge Legend in Poland

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Poland, precisely in Wroclaw, had one of the six ‘bridge of love’ exotic in Europe. This bridge is frequented by lovers. That said, a couple who locked her love here can be durable mate. Tumski bridge is one of the attractions that must be visited when in Wroclaw. The building was not overly pretentious, with a length of about 52 meters and width no more than 3 meters, but the story that makes the tourists became curious.

Tumski bridge made around 1889 and the initial objective is to connect the two ‘islands’ separated, Ostrow Tumski with Piaskowa Island. But it now seems the old bridge so destination for tourists visiting there. Located not far from the city center,not far from the Market Square, could reach the point of only about 5 minutes drive. But more fun on walking while looking at the surrounding environment. Tumski bridge too easy, because almost all directions there can easily be found. Or if you want the tourists can directly ask the locals are mostly friendly.

Tumski Bridge Padlocks for Lovers

Arriving at the Tumski bridge the visitors will be greeted with the souvenir sellers and padlock that can be used to ‘lock heart’. Yes, hang a lock, then lock it, can reliably lock the two hearts that are making love. Yes, may believe it or not, but that’s a story attached there. Along the bridge visitors will find thousands of locked padlocks on the right and left of the bridge, even if the note was almost no place to hang the padlock again there.

Not only the beautiful scenery along the Tumski bridge, after passing the bridge, the tourists will be amazed by the magnificent Wroclaw Cathedral, the church is said to have started to be built since the tenth century and is still maintained and sturdy. Yes, it’s a magnificent old church indeed seemed to be the final destination of the tourists who visited the bridge of love Tumski. Because besides grandly, for Catholics it also becomes a spiritual journey unforgettable.


4 Photos of the Tumski Bridge, Love Bridge Legend in Poland

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