Tulum Mexico Traveling Guide

Tulum Mexico

Tulum is a small city located in the south of Mexico’s Carribean coastline of Cancun. You can reach Tulum for about an hour and half journey by land transportation. Tulum Mexico is a small city which in the Mexican native language it is called pueblo. Tulum Mexico is famous for its travel sites from restaurant, fine dining, bars, beaches, parks and many others. If you like to see the remaining of ancient life, Tulum Mexico also has the ruins of Maya.

Tulum Mexico

Tulum Mexico is a very cozy place for you to spend the relaxing day by walking or riding bike. The road is flat and comfortable enough to enjoy the dawn. If you are not really a walking person, you can also take taxi since the fare is relatively very cheap. But do not forget to make a deal first or you will be tricked to pay too much. So, here are the traveling guide of Tulum Mexico for you.

Seeing the Ancient Life

Everybody knows the ancient Maya. If you are interested in the Maya ruins, then Tulum Mexico is the place for you. The Mayan ruins that are located in Tulum Mexico are very well preserved and becoming the tourist object. The location will even make you tempted more because the ruins situated on a hill with a seascape view.

The Beach

Do not forget beach when you visit Tulum Mexico. This place is the home of many beaches. Try walking barefooted on the beach sand that feels like white powder with your loved one. While you are walking, sometimes you can see the angel fish that swim around the clear blue water. Do not worry if you visit the beach in the afternoon, you can still try walking barefooted on the beach sand because the sand is made up of hollow coral grain that allows air circulation. And also there is The Great Mayan Reef located not far from the coastline of Tulum Mexico. The reef is well known to be the largest one in the western Hemisphere. The beach is located near to each other.

Another beach is Akumel, just short distance away from the coast. Here visitors can enjoy swimming with turtles. But the beach does not offer water sports since it is well known more for natural beauty. But the Playacar white sandy beach located about thirty minutes from Tulum Mexico is offering the water sports like body boarding and jet skiing.

The Park and Shopping

For some of you who consider yourself backpacker or economical traveler, then you have to try enjoying many ecological sites and parks in Tulum Mexico. Here there are three cozy parks which are Tres Rios, Xel-Ha and Xcaret with their submerged rivers, caves, cool lagoons, landscape garden, water rides, the swimming dolphin and also various Mayan theme shows that you can enjoy with friends or family after the long tiring walk. And do not worry for the shopaholic, after watching the show you can go to Suenos Maya to buy traditional goods, wooden carvings or handmade jewelry.


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Tulum Mexico
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