The Best and Most Beautiful Tropical Beach List

The world is full of water, therefore it is not surprising that we can find many beautiful beaches in many countries in the world. But still the tropical beach is the most beautiful and the best beach we can visit. It is spread in all around the world across the five continents.

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Here we will give you some lists of tropical beach you can visit with each of their fame and also the description of the beauty you can get if you visit the beach vacations we mention below.

Best Tropical Beach Based On The Nature Factor

Everyone does know Bahamas. Now you also have to know the Harbor Island with its Pink Sand beach that beauty cannot be ignored and resisted. Harbor island is not a very wide and big island, it is only about a mile wide and three miles long, but Harbor island has the nicest tropical beach with unbelievable laid back atmosphere. Harbor island is inhabited island, but only with less than 2000 locals stay in the island and there are only few tourists coming. It makes the pink sand beach can be the special and good choice to relax and getaway. Harbor island is the home of the capital city of Bahamas where you can also enjoy the Georgian architecture, stroll through the tiny shops on quaint street and also lap up the sun on the beautiful pink sand beach.

The other best tropical beach based on nature factor is the Hanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. It is located near the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, about ten miles east of Waikiki. The bay is believed to be a 35.000 years old volcanic crater floor. You can do many water activities here and for swimmers and snorkelers, you can take special pleasure from the sheltered bay and get the greeting from a host of tropic reef fish.

Best Tropical beach Based on the Situation

If you like history and beach, then you can visit Tulum in Mexico. This tropical beach does not only have great scenery but this beach was also the witness of the Mayans life in the ancient time. The remaining proof is the ruins tower over the beach. The mystery is surrounding the area, not in the horror vibe but more to be something that makes people curious. But still, the scenery of the beach also cannot be resisted. The white sand and crystal blue water are also the attraction you have to enjoy when you come here.

While Tulum Mexico gives the impression of ancient life, Matira beach in Bora-Bora gives the feel of romantic feeling. It has the intimate aura and the location is a little secluded. If you really want a quiet place to refresh your mind, then this tropical beach is the suitable one for you. The places for staying are also calm and there are many secluded lagoon. And do not forget the beach and the sea itself. While enjoying the calm situation, the white sandy beach and bright turquoise water will spoil your eyes too.

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