Trick Cheap Vacations in Japan

Cheap Vacations in Japan

Tokyo – Japan is famous as one of the attractive destinations , but with the cost of living is expensive . But with 6 tips of Cheap Vacations in Japan , you can still vacation in Japan with an affordable budget .

Quoted from Lonely Planet , anticipate these 6 tips cheap vacations in Japan :

1 . Plan of far – away days

Planning a trip ahead of time is the key to saving holiday , especially in Japan . By planning ahead of time , you could have a greater chance to book a plane ticket and hotel room was a promo .

2 . Avoid coming during peak seasons

Peak season is a time when Japan was crowded – crowded by tourists . Peak season usually occurs when the holiday season arrives . At that time, ticket prices , lodging , and all things related to travel will rise . You will automatically downsize difficult . Travel costs will be lower if not go on when the holiday season , or at the beginning and end of the holiday .

3 . Choose cheap hotels

Choosing cheap hotels can cut a lot of your expenses . Choose cheap lodging scattered in several places in Japan . Usually , this kind of lodging outside tourist spots .

In Tokyo , an area filled with cheap hostels in Shinjuku and Shibuya . Some hotels there start price of 2,000 yen / night .

4 . No need to eat in a restaurant

In addition to accommodation , eating is also a big influence on spending . Packers do not need to eat a meal in the restaurant . There are many hawker stalls in the street that sell onigiri or bento .

There, onigiri sold about 100 Yen / fruit . While bento containing salmon , pickles , rice and salad subject starting price of 300 yen, or Rp 35 thousand / package .

5 . Take the bus

Traveling with shinkansen bound traveler so much desire . But this one suck transportation money very much . To save money, choose only the bus , such as Willer Express . It is a night bus with comfortable seats .

The bus fare Tokyo – Hiroshima route is 6,000 yen / person . While Tokyo – Kyoto is 4,500 Yen

6 . Search Welcome Cards

Once you arrive in a town , came to the tourist information office . Ask on Welcome Cards or other discount card to get into a destination . Typically , some museums or tourist attractions in Japan provides discount admission tickets .

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Cheap Vacations in Japan

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