Trick Bid Prices Travel Gifts On Vacations

Travel Gifts

Travel gifts – If the time to take a trip to an area , there are times when you want to buy something as a gift. Unfortunately , most products are not only cheap souvenirs . You are forced to spend more . In fact , with a little courage to bargain with certain tricks and hockey , it is not likely you can get the item at a price of “tilt ” . Well, here is the trick bid prices of travel gifts, quoted from Citilink Magazine that you can try to practice while on vacation.

Picky Sellers

Smart choose sellers when buy travel gift. Crowded store shoppers not guarantee the price is cheap. But that does not mean that the store is also away from the crowds negotiable and cheap. It is better to try out the shops there while watching the characters seller. Most of the male vendor ” yield ” with female buyers. Instead women sellers more easily seduced by the male buyers. Feel free to use it .

Start with half of the price as Opener

Do not ask the price before you make sure the souvenir that you want is in good condition and available. If you are already comfortable and the price has been ejected from the seller, with half of the open offer price offered. From there , the drama began.

Buy More

This is a common recipe: buy more and even more discounts. Traders will also not be stingy to give a special price when you buy merchandise.

Polite but insistent

A little stubborn in bargaining is fine , as long as it polite . At least there are price reductions achieved despite slightly. If it is not an agreement, backed off politely and say thank you .


Process transactions interspersed bargaining can run long and tough. It’s good to break the ice interspersed with jokes and other chatter familiarizing.

Acting and Little Threat

Not threatened in the real sense ya, because it is only acting alone . A thousand reasons why you can catapult ” stubborn ” bid . You also have the right to compare the Travel gifts prices and other stores . But acting most ” Perfect ” is when you pretend lost and walked out of the store with a lethargic . Five steps you away , usually the dealer will call you back !


There is truth in the adage , ” Where trampled earth , there heaven upheld ” . Mingle with local communities and understand and respect local customs . This applies also to transact. Approach local culture , the language , the typical greeting , also local customs will open up opportunities in a peaceful and pleasant transaction. When really difficult, enlist the help of friends from the local area to help bargain for you.

There are our some shorty trick to buy some souvenir or Travel gifts, we hope you can try this tric on your vacation. Don’t forget to read our another travel tips about The Best Time To Get Cheap Ticket.


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Travel Gifts
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