Traveling To Exotic Beaches in Turkey

Patara Beaches

Exotic Beaches in Turkey – Not only famous for the Ottoman Empire and a delicious kebab , Turkey also has exotic beaches . Turquoise water and white sand waiting to be invited to play the tourists who travel there .

Mediterranean region is famous for its beautiful beaches . One of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey is Patara . The beach is located in the southwest Kalkan , Turkey , this is one of the beaches with the longest line . As far as the eye could see , only white sand and blue sea is visible , so visiting in the Telegraph , Wednesday ( 1/8/2012 ) .

Because it has a fairly long coastline , the beach is full of rarely seen even during the holiday season . Tourists who come to spread and search for ‘ surga’nya own . Favorite activities are carried out in Patara Beach is sunbathing , swimming and play sand . As if time forgotten , playing here could spend all day .

If Patara feels very tropical , then different again to Kabak . The beach is located in Oludeniz , near Fethiye , Turkey west is slightly recessed and surrounded by trees . Some tourists are too lazy to come there because they have to walk for 30 minutes before getting on the waterfront . However panorama presented there really equivalent to the rather long journey .

Deserted beaches and soft sand would be the main sights . Swim in the calm blue waters or a leisurely stroll on the beach is an activity that can be done there . If you want more time to enjoy beautiful views of the beach style , tourists could put up a tent on the shore , staying in a tree house or stay in the boat .

One more favorite beach Iztuzu the tourists are in Daylan . Including coarse white sand but does not reduce the tourists love this beach . The shape of the curve looks like Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok . The beach is in contact with the river and make the scene look so different . Even so , there is a ban on swimming near the mouth of the river because the current is quite swift .

Antalya to Cirali Beach is perfect for nature lovers and tourists animals . Here is where the turtles lay their eggs and underwater paradise . Snorkeling activity must be one that should not be missed while on vacation to the beach . Surrounded by pine trees and citrus , Cirali Beach feels more calm and quiet . Especially so with the Lycian mountains background , beautiful .

Not only has the natural beauty , the beach is also located close to the ancient site of Olympos . Simply walking for 15 minutes of Olympos , tourists have been able to free themselves chatting with water and white sand beaches . The tourists loved being in the southern part of the beach as there are rows of simple restaurants there that could be a life saver when hungry .

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