Torghatten Mountain, Strange mountain with a hole in the middle

A mountain usually has a hollow section at the top, but not for Torghatten Mountain in Norway. This mountain has even had a big hole in the middle is like a natural tunnel. How could you?

Quoated from the official website Visit Norway, Torghatten Mountain are in Bronnoysund, Nordland county. The high is only 258 meters above sea level, but has a unique form of a large hole in the middle. The holes have a length of 160 meters, a width of 20 meters and a height of 35 meters. Penetrate the hole behind the front two sides of the mountain and therefore referred to as a natural tunnel.

From the foot of the mountain, the hole looks small. But upon arriving at the mouth of the hole Torghatten Mountain, you will find it to be diminutive. The shape is very large and long, careful when walking, because it is not a lot of piles of rocks and soil. From these holes, you can also see the panorama of Bronnoysund from heights. Look at the vast blue ocean on which many group of islands. Elegant!

The researchers assessed, The hole in Torghatten Mountain caused by water erosion since the ice age. But strangely, the rocks around the hole is hard and do not change.

Tourists who come to Torghatten mountain can linger in the hole and photographing the beauty mountain scenic. In addition, campers around Torghatten mountain also fun because the atmosphere is still very natural. When sunrise or sunset, the scenery there very cool!

How to get there:

From the State Capital of Norway, Oslo tourists can ride the airline Widerøe flies three times a day to get there and takes about 3 hours. From the center of Bronnoysund, you can accelerate the vehicle as far as 15 km across the highway with the purpose FV54 for about 30 minutes.

Car park is on Torghatten Camping, who is also the information center and provide tour packages. From there, you can be trekking for about 20 minutes to Torghatten mountain hole. Prepare the camera, because it’s hard to find places like this in the world.

11 Photos of the Torghatten Mountain, Strange mountain with a hole in the middle

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