Top 8 Oldest City in The World, Cool!!!

Byblos Lebanon Oldest City in The World

Oldest city in the world – Urban areas and exciting destination to be explored if not exhausted. However, this 8 city has more value, because be the oldest civilizations center of the world’s . Which are they?

These cities are not only rich in historical attractions, but also the dynamism of culture and society. Compiled from various sources, the following 8 of the oldest city in the world:

1. Athens, Greece

Acropolis and Parthenon only a handful of the historical legacy of Athens, capital of Greece since thousands of years ago. Civilization in this city allegedly has existed since 3,400 years ago!

In this city, was born several famous philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. A traveler can visit the Acropolis, Syntagma Square home to the Parliament Building, also Temple of Olympian Zeus.

2. Byblos, Lebanon

Civilization in Byblos, Lebanon allegedly been around since 7,000 years ago. Who would have thought, the city is at the origin of the word ‘bible’ aka ‘the book’. First used papyrus to make the book is of Byblos.

Byblos port town is located about 35 km from the Lebanese capital Beirut. The traveler can visit the Crusader Castle 12th century relic, Tomb Kings, Tower Temple, also Jbeil Ottoman Mosque. Yes, the city of Byblos also been seized with Ottoman.

3. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem was allegedly has existed since 5000 years ago, no wonder become one of the oldest in the world. The city is important for the existence of multiple religions, including Christianity and Islam.

Here, a traveler can visit the historic buildings. March Elias Monastery, St. Simeon Monastery, and Ramat Rachel Archaeological Site are some of them. But the one place that should not be missed, of course, the Old City is full of historical buildings.

4. Damascus, Syria

Damascus is one of the oldest continuous civilizations filled. Scientists believe, Damascus City has been plagued humans since 11,000 years ago!

This is the right city to enjoy the dynamism of civilization. Souq Al Hamidiyya for example, a street full of small shops that extends in the rest of the Roman buildings. In the end there Umayyad Mosque, the mosque tower architecture with 3 very beautiful.

Imagine, this mosque was once a heritage building Assyrians. Later became Roman temple offerings to the god Jupiter. After that, the church turned into a mosque until the end. Ummayad also became a place of Christian worship once Islamic, in one time. Until finally, into a mosque until now.

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Athens Greece Oldest City in The WorldByblos Lebanon Oldest City in The WorldJerusalem Israel Oldest City in The WorldDamascus Syria Oldest City in The World
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