Titanic Beach Resort The impressive Beach Resort in Antalya

Consider you to book in Hotel Titanic Beach Resort ***** in Antalya Lara Kundu, a stay but you wonder how it looks inside, what you can do and what other travelers thought of it, then you are well here.

The impressive Titanic Beach Resort has a tastefully fused maritime theme throughout the hotel, providing a high standard of accommodation with a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Whether you wish to sunbathe on the hotel’s private beach, take advantage of the extensive range of all inclusive amenitities, see a show or have a romantic meal in one of the la carte restaurants. The Titanic Beach Resort offers an exciting retreat for couples and families alike. The hotel’s close attention to detail and fantastic atmosphere will guarantee a truly fantastic holiday.

Visit Titanic Beach Resort After 1st of May

For instance spending a day on the beach meant a really long walk to the bar area just for a drink. Doing this in flip flops was tiresome and the ice was completely melted in the drinks by the time you got back to the beach. Also as it was so hot, it meant you were a complete sweaty mess by the time you made it back to the sunbed. I think someone complained though, as a few days later, a small cart appeared near to the beach searving soft drinks and beer.

On the 1st May the hotel just came alive. The beach cafe was lovely serving completely different food to the main resturant for lunch. The beach bar also opened meaning you could enjoy the beach and a drink! The pier also opened where sunbeds were available and lovely cabanas. We treated ourselves on our last day to one and enjoyed being completely spoilt. I highly recommend these as they serve you drinks all day, bring you lunch, plates of fruit, corn on the cobs, ice-cream and cakes. You also receive a compliementary massage. The view is fantastic and you can either shelter from the hot sun or lie on the balcony and tan. The prices were very reasonable for four people.

The only issue we had was in the main resturant. Pretty much every lunchtime and evening we found a table with no cutlery, which we had to go and get ourselves. Then it was impossible getting a drink. We often finished our meal before someone came over to offer us a drink. We tried getting the attention of the staff, but they seemed too busy. I think they had issues coping with cleaning the turnover of tables and serving drinks. I highly suggest that the hotel allows the guests to get their own soft drinks, beer and wine. Many large hotels do this and I think people would much rather get their own drink, than finish their meal without one.

The hotel itself is spotless and our room was lovely. Most of the staff speak good English. A couple of times we asked the staff something in English and they replied in German. I think the staff are trying to cater for all countries and sometimes get a bit confused. They basically try and speak all the languages for their guests to make them feel welcome.

Entertainment was good all week. You can definitely tell this is a hotel with a big entertainment budget. It’s the best I have experienced at a hotel.

There are so many swimming pools that you can choose a busy location for the kids or a quiet location. Towels are provided each day from huts around the pools. Only downside was they closed at 5pm, so you often had to take the wet towels back to your room. This was because you are given a beach towel card and you exchange this for towels and at the end of the day you hand the towel back and get your beach towel cards back. However it was warm enough to sit outside longer.

I would recommend this hotel and that you visit after 1st of May. Otherwise a lot of the facilities will be closed. We had a great holiday 🙂


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Titanic Beach Resort
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