Thousand Mirrors Rooms Hotel La Perle in Paris

La Kiss Room La Perle Hotel

Hotel La Perle – Imagine, you sleep in a room that the whole wall mirror and can reflect anything. There was a real room at La Perle in Paris, France. Many sa, the room is suitable for a s3x !

Hotel La Perle is probably best to steal the attention of tourists in Paris, France. This hotel as the best hotel in paris has La Kiss Room, a room that has a thousand mirrors. In terms of design, the shape of this room truly unique.

La Perle Hotel Paris

La Perle Hotel Paris

Look the Metro website on Wednesday ( 03/05/2014 ) La Kiss Room has an area of ??10 square meters with a plush mattress. In it actually contained a thousand mirrors on the walls to the roof. That means, you can see just about anything to the whole room because everything is reflected through a mirror.

Apparently, La Kiss Room intended for a traveler who stays in Paris. Imagine, the hotel room is really eliminate all privacy and make the atmosphere more intimate.

From the top of the mattress, a traveler can see what their partners are doing in the bathroom because there was a mirror. This is why, many say that La Kiss Room as a suitable place to make love!

The mattresses are luxurious and soft increasingly making linger in the room. But there is one important rule to remember, a traveler who stays in La Kiss Room should not be more than a one night only.

La Kiss Room La Perle Hotel

La Kiss Room La Perle Hotel

” La Kiss Room is small but luxurious space without limits , ” said the owner of the Hotel La Perle, Jean – Philippe Nikoghossian .

Spend the night in La Kiss Room ranging from 750 euros. Thousand mirrors room in Paris is going to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your partner . Settle overnight in a room with family in a thousand mirrors , the next day you can walk around the city of Paris that offers a romantic atmosphere.

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La Kiss Room La Perle HotelLa Perle Hotel Paris
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