Thousand Islands Of Canada

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Who says only belong to the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) Jakarta . Canada also has the Thousand Islands . The difference is Kepulauan Seribu in the oceans and Thousand Island was on the river . Interestingly !

According to the official website that visited , St. Lawrence River bordering Ontario in Canada and New York in the U.S. . Above the river , traveler can see the sights thousand islands known as the Thousand Islands. As the name implies , on the St. Lawrence River are 1,864 islands that stretches along 80 km . Islands in the Canadian territory belongs to the state and vice versa with the U.S. .

Most large islands there is Wolfe Island in Ontario which covers 124 square kilometers , with a total population of about 1,400 inhabitants . On this island there are complete facilities ranging from hotels , ferry terminal , restaurant , until the motel for the traveler .

Some of the other islands in the Thousand Islands is also home residents , but there are conditions . Island who wants to be occupied should continue to exist on the surface of the water throughout the year aka not drown , have an area greater than 1 square foot or about 0.093 square meters , and at least one tree .

Therefore , many islands there are in the form of rocks and so the only place the migrating birds . Interestingly , there are several islands that have only one home. Telephone wires connect each island under the sea .

The most famous Thousand Island , Boldt Castle is that had stood since 1904. This castle belonged to a man named George C Boldt wealthy . He founded the castle for his family and a symbol of love to his wife . The castle consists of six floors , have pretty gardens , and the special underground channels .

Now , the U.S. and Canada are both keeping the Thousand Islands have been designated a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2002. Both of Alexandria Bay , New York or from Ontario , there are many travel agencies that offer travel packages to the Thousand Islands .

Not just seeing the sights , sailing on the river , or take pictures , there are many exciting activities that can be done there . You can rafting , kayaking , swimming, yacht , stop by the Zoo Aquarium , rising tower Tower 1000 Islands , golfing , and many more exciting activities there that can be searched via the official website .

Fun , cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are prohibited entry to the Thousand Islands . It is intended for the convenience of tourists and protecting the environment may , thousand island scenery on the river is hard to find anywhere else .


10 Photos of the Thousand Islands Of Canada

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