Things To Do In Gili Trawangan Lombok

Gili Islands are a group of Islands located close to Lombok in Bali, Indonesia. There are actually three beautiful Islands that are part of the Gili Islands, one of them is Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is the largest among the three islands. Trawangan Island became a bustling party destination from a sleeping island in the nineties. Over the last decade, a number of high quality hotels, restaurants and pubs have sprung up in the various spots in the Island. Due to this, there has been a tremendous increase in the tourist inflow to Trawangan Island.

Gili Trawangan be one of the excellent travel destinations in Lombok. The proof, this tiny island is always crowded tourists who linger to spend time there. What the hell are they doing in Gili Trawangan?

Compiled from any source bellow following the behavior of the various things to do in Gili Trawangan:

1. Sunbathing

Sunbathing is the activities that must be carried out by traveler in Gili Trawangan. They would lay down on the long wooden bench, big pillows, or lie on the beach sand.

Typically, tourist started sunbathing at 09.00 am when the sun started scorching-hot. For those who bask in the long wooden benches and big pillows, had to pay a certain fee to the manager of the cafe.

They can spend hours of time for sunbathing. Although mostly women traveler, the men also likes sunbathing there. While local tourists, it felt no sunbathing. In fact, take shelter under the trees.

When sunbathing in Gili Trawangan, lot of a foreign tourist there reading a book or just listening music. Do not disturb them yes!

2. Cycling

Gili Trawangan has a nickname, the city without polluting and the police. Just so you know, a motor vehicle is prohibited from there both for local people and also for the domestic and foreign tourists.

Bicycles are one of the vehicles there, besides cidomo like wagon. The price for renting a bike also was not expensive. Only Rp 15 thousand to 1 hour and most expensive Rp 50 thousand for the day.

Do not be surprised, when you saw foreign tourist passing in Gili Trawangan riding  a bicycle. It is funny, is when they use the mouth as a horn. They will say, “It Tin..tin..tin..tin”.

3. Looking sea turtles conservation

Right on the beach of Gili Trawangan, there is a minimalist sea turtle conservation. There are three large pools with various sizes of turtles, there are still a baby called ‘tukik’ to large size.

The foreign tourist are free to see the turtles. With notes, forbidden to touch or hold it. This is where you can see, they will see the calm sea turtles. Most like to be seen, of courses baby turtle are adorable.

There is no entrance fee to see the turtles. There is only a donation box to help conservation activities, which reads ‘The turtles need your help’. Information on turtle life clearly displayed in English.

4. Diving

There are many tour operators in Gili Trawangan which offer diving or diving tour packages. Well, this one activity so craze the foreign traveler there.

The proof, you will see the foreign tourist that runs complete with diving equipment, such as wet suits and carrying fins. Judging from the look on his face, they seem to look so enjoy diving in Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan does have a fairly clear waters and rich with coral reefs. Not to mention, lots of colorful fish and sizes.

5. Spending time with spouse

Gili Trawangan visited more fun with a partner. When alone in there, time seemed to stop. There are beautiful views of the beach and clean, and the facilities of the restaurant and the hotel is available complete.

The traveler apparently too much to come as a couple. Usually they play in coastal water, swimming or sunbathing together. You will be jealous when I see straight

6. Surfing

Gill Trawangan also attracts visitors due to the fantastic surfing facilities available in the Island. If you are looking for surfing boards then you could get the equipment from the local surfers who would be always surfing in the ocean and they will be more than willing to lend their boards once they complete their routine. The best time to do sur?ng is during high tide days. The season from January to June is the most ideal time to do surfing in Trawangan beaches.


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