Things To Do in New Caledonia North Greenland Denmark

new caledonia

New Caledonia – North Greenland Denmark has just been named as the largest protected marine park. A few weeks ago, there’s nothing greater. Then, could do anything to enjoy this marine park?

new caledonia

Just a few weeks ago, New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific has been named as the owner of the largest marine park in the world. If the North Greenland has an area of ??972,000 square kilometers, the park has an area of ??1.3 million square kilometers, quote from CNN, Friday (07/04/2014).

How is the best way to enjoy the beauty of this marine park? This three way thrill!

1. Surf Board

Off the eastern coast of the main island of Grande Terre, there is a beach called La Roche Percee. There is a large rock formation that looks like one giant chess pieces.

surf in La Roche Percee north greenland denmark

This beach is the only area in New Caledonia that could surf. The waves are relatively friendly to beginners. What makes the difference is, they have to go to sea as far as 3 miles to be able to surf.

Because that’s where the waves are present. The waves were present because there is a giant rock that hold the wave. Exciting!

2. Yacht

Do not want to wet? Up yacht so the next option. The journey begins from the Port Moselle in Noumea. After that, sail to the Great Lagoon Regatta.

sail to the Great Lagoon Regatta

Typically, this trip takes 3 days. But the calm waters make everything more fun. The trip package provides delicious menus and fun music to dance.

During the trip, the traveler can choose some of the 50 islands that can be visited pretty small. This is a great time to be romantic by nature.

3. Snorkeling

Want more simple? Rent a mask snorkel and enjoy the underwater world with more intimate. Less than 20 miles from Noumea, called The Blue Lagoon. There, visitors can camper once lit a bonfire on the beach.

Caledonia's South Lagoon

Finished playing at the seashore, the main dish is actually under the sea. Here, an underwater park one of the most remarkable of New Caledonia.

Healthy coral reefs and rich, enhanced with other marine life such as fish and turtles that live happily under there. No need to bother diving here. For with snorkel was clear and everything is presented beautifully.


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