Things to Do In Lido Beach

Lido beach

Lido beach is a popular beach in Unite State of America. Many people spend their time in this beach especially in summer. With long and white powder sand and sparkling blue peaceful wave all the way you can see, this beach surely will calm your mind. Lido beach is located in Town of Hempstead, New York. The name of Lido beach itself comes from Italian, “lido” means beach.

From a very long time, beach is already a popular place to enjoying time in holiday or even just to spend your spare time. As one of those beach, Lido beach offer you with soft white sand and blue clear water. Lido beach is a public spot. It is easy to access this beach with free parking spot. In this spot you can rent a chair and umbrella, having nice sunbathing and of course swimming in the sea. Another visiting Lido beach is a historical Saint Armand’s Circle which is located just a few blocks away where people come to dine and shop.  The Saint Armand’s Circle provides you with many restaurants with desirable food. The best thing about this beach is it never too crowded or too quite. Just sitting on the sand enjoying the scenery will please you.

While you in Lido beach, you could also having fun by collecting shells, buy an ice cream to cooling down or just have a little walk. The best thing of this beach is, it is a no smoking place because the beach itself is open for public and of course there will be many children playing around. No wonder that the air in Lido beach is very clean and refreshing. Even though the beach is near a city, this beach still provides you with natural habitats like birds playing and walking in the seashore. While you in the water, you can feel many fish swimming around your feet.

The entertainment that you will get in Lido beach is not just the beach. If you come by the Sunday, you will find an incredible entertainment in the pavilion. There is a one man band show, people dancing, cheap beer and wine. But the best thing about Lido beach doesn’t show up yet until the evening. You will see a natural event, nothing else but a gorgeous sunset. Sometimes before the sunset, you will see some dolphins on the water so keep your camera stay alert to capturing this memorable event.

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Lido beach
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