The Magnificent Myeongdong Chathedral in Heart of Seoul

As one of the grandest church building in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong Cathedral is attractive to foreign tourists. There are just taking photos, which took the time to join the celebration of the Easter Vigil. As the name implies, Myeongdong Cathedral located in the middle of Myeongdong shopping center is famous for. Bell tower that rises 45 meters makes it easy to be found. Up close, the unique red wall of bricks.

Need a camera with a wide angle lens to preserve it intact as the main building roof height only reaches 23 meters. The best location for the photograph is from the stairs to the entrance of the Myeongdong Cathedral church, or of the underground parking located in front of the church. Go inside the church, the first impression is very similar to that obtained Jakarta Cathedral Church. Dominated by massive pillars on either side of the hallway leading to the altar and their pulpit on several pillars. On the back of the balcony, looking giant piano used to accompany worship.

The Lower ground floor which was very spacious, among others used as a confessional. Just below the main altar, saved many relics of the Korean martyrs who were killed in the early history of Christianity Korea, namely in 1839 and 1866.

The high interest of tourists to visit Myeongdong Cathedral church seems well recognized by the Archbishop of Seoul, Cardinal Andrew Yeoman Soo-Jung. After leading worship in Korean Easter Vigil recently, he delivered a special greeting for visitors from outside of Korea.

11 Photos of the The Magnificent Myeongdong Chathedral in Heart of Seoul

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