Tarkarli Beach Tourist Places and Attractions To Visit

India has many interesting tourist places you can visit on holiday, from the places with the city feel, historical feel to the one with natural feel. Tarkarli beach is one of the places that has natural feel you can visit. It is located at the convergence of the river Karli and Arabian Sea. The beach is situated about 546 kilometer from the central Mumbai, towards 6 kilometer of Malvan on the west coast of India.

tarkarli beach

It is a narrow stretch of beach with pristine water and also a famous beach that has gained importance because of its clear and transparent water of sea. Queen Beach of Sindhudurg is the other famous name for Tarkarli beach that on the sunny day you can even see the sea bed up to a depth of 20 meters.

The Accomodation and Recreational Place

MTDC cottages is recently built in Tarkarli beach to provide both accomodation and recreation facilities as well. And It is easily available for comfortable accomodation so if you want to visit you can be free of worry. And near the cottages you can witness the natural harmony of the sand beach and the sea that blend. Besides that if you want to really enjoy the calm situation and getaway from the crowd you can take a ride on a boat in calm and cool river water that if you see from the beach will make the beauty increases. You even can stay overnight in different situation like in a house boats.

Near Tarkarli beach there are at least two famous house boats which are Hiranyakeshi and Karli. Hiranyakeshi is a deluxe house boat and Karli is a standard house boat. Tarkarli has these house boats especially for accomodating the discerning traveler. You will not feel worry at all since these house boats of Tarkarli beach are fully equipped with all materials you need and high technology equipments.

To firstly reach the Tarkarli beach you can take many transportation facilities. Since it is near to Mumbai you can go by taking airplane easily. You can also go to this beach by taking train, the nearest station to Tarkarli is Kudal, located 45 kilometer on Konkan Railway. And by land transportation there are even more types of transportation you can take since Tarkarli is 546 kilometer from Mumbai, 160 kilometer from Kolhapur and 8 kilometer from Malvan. You even can go to Tarkarli beach from Malvan by rickshaw.

And after you reach Tarkarli beach, besides you need to know about the accomodation you also have to know what you need to do there. If you are a water sports lover you can go snorkeling and scuba diving because the facilities are complete here. It will give you the best and finest experience of marine life you cannot forget all your life. The snorkeling guide is also provided so the safety will be guaranteed. And if you like to eat you can also try the Kombadi vada the variations of fish items, it is the well known Malvani food that has delicious taste.

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