Stinson Beach, Paradise for Surfers and Explorers

Do you like the beach resort? If you are indeed a true beach cruisers should be an occasional visit to Stinson beach. The beach is located in the northern part of San Francisco has become the premier tourist destination in the state beaches that are well known. View of the beach with beautiful white sand and bright sun all day is the hope of all visitors. Along the road to the beach will be treated to views of streets winding smooth sharp. When on the way out the camera and take some part of the most exciting travel spots. Use the open car to enjoy the beauty and feel the heat of the sun is bright.

Interesting Activities at Stinson Beach

Stinson beach is a paradise for all surfers and swimmers the world in the month of May to October. Almost all parts of the coast will find ready welcome wave surfers. At the time of the month is generally coastal water temperature would be a little cold and the threat of shark attack. But all visitors feel comfortable and calm as lifeguards work all the time full.

The beach is also not covered for such activity in the white sand beach volleyball game or throwing a ball. Along the coast will be found an interesting spot like for sunbathing, reading a book or just enjoying the hot sun. Children and mothers can freely play sand to create a kind of big or little royal party.

Interesting Places Around the Coast

A variety of interesting places with diverse activities available around the coast. A tower known as the Point Reyes Lighthouse can be visited with a trip that is not too far away. For bird watchers and all those who love the bird can go to the Bolinas Lagoon Preserve. The place looks very beautiful in spring and blue egret bird nest pretty easy to find. Other places like Muir Woods, Red Rock Beach can be an alternative option to explore all areas Stinson Beach.

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Stinson Beach
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