Stay at Kamigoten Ryokan Hotel Japan, Can Add Beauty!

Kamigoten Ryokan

Ryujin – Although it is old, Kamigoten Ryokan Hotel in Ryujin always crowded. Behind her building, this hotel has a hot water bath is said to make women beautiful and youthful. Just like the other small hotels in Japan, Kamigoten Ryokan is a hotel that has been taken care of by a family for generations. Imagine, this hotel was first made in the year 1658. Approximately 29 generations already take care of this hotel.

Kamigoten Ryokan

At the beginning of creation, Kamigoten Ryokan samurai used as a place to stay. As the running time, the hotel is now used as a place to stay many tourists who travel there. Although times and times have changed, not much changes experienced Kamigoten Ryokan. Architecture of the building is made the same as the original. Just a few updates are performed there.

From CNN, Friday (05/09/2014), although has been established since hundreds of years ago, the hotel was never empty of visitors. There is one quirk that keeps stored hotels, namely the existence of a hot water bath. Do not think a hot water bath in the same hotel with the others. That said, a hot spring ryokan has properties owned Kamigoten can beautify and make anyone who soak so young.

Not only that, the water in this bath also allegedly efficacious to heal wounds, sunburn and other skin diseases. Investigate must investigate, sodium bicarbonate mineral content contained in the water that makes these properties.

One more thing that makes many a traveler happy to soak in there. Hikigawa panoramic river with clear water and green grass makes the atmosphere soak more fun!


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