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Long Island New York – Of course a summer break could include all kinds of other locations, such as a visit to famous city, some high altitude walking in the mountains or time spent in one of the famous Lakeland areas of the world such as the Italian Lakes like Garda or Como, the Canadian great lakes or the Swedish Fjords. But more often than not there is likely to be some type of beach involved in most people’s summer vacation. The Spanish Canary Islands are a small group of islands that have their own variety of beaches that provide holidaymakers with plenty of choice, whatever their preferences.

So how about you who live in new york? Don’t worry, You can visit Long Island NY, one of the best place you can visit during summer beach in New York. Long Island offers some of the most exciting and varied vacation experiences imaginable, yet it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to get to. The bad news? Once you get here you may not want to go home.

On Long Island’s south shore you’ll find Jones Beach, Fire Island, the Hamptons and Montauk Point. On the North Fork are our famous wineries and vineyards. Between the forks is picturesque Shelter Island. With over 400 miles of coastline Long Island beaches are some of the most beautiful and comfortable on the planet. The surf’s not too rough, the water temperature is comfortable, the fine sand is easy on your feet and the sun is just right for a great tan.

To make the most out of your Long Island New York trip the best time of year to visit is between Memorial Day and Labor Day (last week of May through first week of September). During that time of year absolutely everything is open and running in full swing. During the fringe times early in May or Late September things are either gearing up or slowing down, so in the summer oriented communities you might find some restaurants and shops closed. The advantage to touring at these times is of course, fewer crowds and better hotel rates.

Nightlife in Long Beach NY

What is the best way to cap off a day of fun in the sun spent on a pristine white sand beach? How about partying all night bathed by ocean kissed breezes, along a strip of wild and exotic bars and night clubs that runs the length of the beach just a few feet inland? This is summer night life in Long Beach NY, a hidden jewel located on the south shore of Long Island New York.

By day a beach town, Long Beach is dotted with unique shops, boutiques, cafes, galleries, and restaurants serving a variety of fine cuisines. The centerpiece is its famous boardwalk, which runs several miles along Park Ave., the cities traditional commercial center. However as the sun sets and the party begins, the focus turns to the areas West End, a two mile long half mile wide stretch of land bordered by beach on one side and bay on the other. This area has the cities highest concentration of restaurants and cafes, many of which convert after hours into some of the trendiest bars and night clubs in Long Island New York. The result of such a concentration of evening entertainment so close to the beach front, is a night time mile long revelry of drink and merriment which can last until the wee hours of the morning.

One of the most well-known hot spots on this strip is Minnesota’s. By day a bar and grille, nighttime sees the transformation of this establishment into a high powered night club with great DJ’s and awesome music. About a block away one can find The Inn. Another restaurant turned bar/club after-hours, the Inn generally offers live music on the weekends, and has a more laid back attitude then the formal feeling Minnesota’s can evoke.

Other places to go after hours in Long Beach include the Twisted Kilt, which is known for its generous drink specials and its eclectic crowd, the Whales tail, which is so popular they often have to open the front of the restaurant to let people spill out onto the sidewalk, and the Tiki Bar, which generally caters to a more mature crowd, and features live music and outdoor grilling.

As the evening ends and the sun begins to rise, there are few sights more inspiring then that of the rosy dawn rising above the waves of the Long Beach shore. As a salty breeze sweeps in off the water, the day begins again, the shops open, the residents emerge from their homes, and the city settles back into its peaceful demeanor. It will be winter soon, and the cabanas and beach bars will close their doors against the harsh cold of winters might. Still, the wild summer nights of long beach are always there, just beyond the sunset, awaiting those who would explore their endless possibilities.

What I’ve presented in this short article only hints at the possibilities. Long Island New York is The place for memorable summer vacations, romantic weekend getaways, and exciting day trips.

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