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Summer is the time for spending your day and night at the beach. Summer is one of the only seasons of four that are people waiting for. People in United States are prefers to summer than another three seasons because in summer you will have so many activities to do. In the whole day, a lot of people spend their summer at the beach. They are sunbathe, swimming or just playing a sports game such as volleyball and football. If you visit Florida, you have to come to the Flagler beach. It is a beach where all people waiting for.

Flagler Beach

Flagler beach is already becoming a place for recreation since 1925. At that time, it is one of the most visited beaches in Florida, United States of America. It is very popular with the fishing spots including the Municipal Pier. It is very good for you to spend your whole day with the family by fishing at the beach. There are few restaurants with oceanfront dining so that makes you enjoy your seafood with the sounds of the waves. It is not only restaurant there, but also gift shop and some recreational facilities.

In the year of 2013, Flagler beach was the finalist of the Coolest Small Town Contest by Budget Travel Magazine. It is no amazing views because long time ago this town is grown from a sleepy fishing village became one of the charming seaside with original views. It is one of the place for attracts sea turtles and right whales. It is far better than the spring breaker. It is very good for those animals, because it places between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. In the end of 2012, it has been chosen by Where to Retire Magazine as the best retirement destinations in Florida.

It is one of the beaches that have its own historical museum and fire department. The museum is the presents for the Florida history. The visitors can see the Museum’s oldest display of prehistoric bones and other ancient things. In that Museum, there is Stone Age and Space Age. On the Space Age, there is items provide by Astronauts of NASA like the food of the space. Flagler beach fire department is set to respond of different types of emergency because it is one of the busiest towns in United States of America. Beside those two, Museum and Fire department, there are Boy Scout and Beach School.

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