Be a Part of South Beach Women

South beach is famous for its sexy women. Variety of fashions that up to date is widely used by south beach women. Not only clothing, lifestyle on the south coast of the American woman is also interesting to note.

Fashion of South Beach Women

Miami Florida, a region synonymous with beautiful beaches, fashion, good food and beautiful women like in the series Baywatch. Many people said that South Beach is the place for those looking for a glamorous life. It looks on how the women dress their self. Most of women in south beach have very good fashion. Women use to wear shorts, bikinis and sexy dress become common seen in south beach.


In summer time, most of women use dress that made by sheer fabrics. The sheer fabrics can make the breeze easily in and make the women’s skin cool. Natural fabrics could also wear to deal with south beach heat. One of the rules in south beach fashion is show more skin while dress up. Also do not forget that south beach fashion is inspires by Latin style. If you going to have vacation on south beach you should brings dress for dinner. Dinner is the most activities done in south beach.

South Beach Women Dieting

Women in south beach usually have a very good shape of body. The shape didn’t come on its own. Women usually get it by dieting. Dr. Arthur Agatston was the first to introduce the south beach diet. Initially this diet is recommended for patients with heart problems, diabetes and obesity. South Beach diet is not a low-carbohydrate diets or low-fat. South Beach Diet teaches us to know and choose the right carbohydrates and fats. South Beach diet petrified we are to planning best menus to get weight loss in the short term, and then maintain it in the long run, and get optimal body health.

There are three phases in the south beach diet. The first phase is to stop the addiction to sweets and snack carbohydrate, increases the body’s functions in the processing of sugar and starch, improves blood sugar levels, insulin production, and blood cholesterol levels. The second phase aims to improve blood cholesterol levels. In this phase the body will be able to process carbohydrates well as carbohydrates consumed in moderation. Consumed foods allowed in phase two is equal to the one with the addition of carbohydrates, fruit, and milk. The third phase is done with normal eating in normal portion, with the restriction of food choices according to the rules the South Beach Diet.


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