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If you have ever been to Miami then you have been to South Beach Night. The Night club and Team field is the best in Miami with plenty of groups to select. If you like Hip Hop, House, Stone, just about any kind of songs category and Southern Seaside Miami has an organization for it.

south beach night

After being to all of the groups in South Beach Night have selected a few of my top most favorite.

1. Nikki Seaside – You can listen to other individuals who are trying to talk with you. No frustrating individuals thumping into you and dropping beverages on you because this is a huge club with a huge outside beach to rest on.

2. DREAM – The employees is the best here. Creating you experience in your house it’s always an evening at DREAM.

3. Jazid – Remain regional skills perform at Jazid with reggae and ska.

4. House – It’s always fun to look at the European people come to Team House and imagine to be something they are not. Ladies urination in the road to people battling plants and flame hydrants. Always a have a good laugh at Mansion

5. SET – Area of the Pepsi sluts. Too many loose and flabby thin females. I have never in my lifestyle seen a loose and flabby thin lady before I went to SET. Seriously, these girls do so much medication that the various meats they do have on their systems is loose and flabby. It’s dreadful really.

6. Mokai – This club used to be awesome until the Opium Team purchased it. Now it kind of absorbs to be sincere.

7. Shrub House – Now this club is awesome. No outfit rule, no snobby exaggerated individuals evaluating you by the titles you have on your outfits. Go to have fun and a fun time.

8. SPACE – Start only on Saturdays this club remains open until 4 p.m. the following day! Wow, I could not even stay within of an organization for a lengthy time even if I desired to!

9. CLUB PLAY – Team Play has beginner MMA battle evening along with a huge location with 2 cafes upper level and 3 downstairs. Many popular Hip Hop and Film Celebrities are seen going to this club!

So much to encounter, so much to see and understand in South Beach Night. When you come to Miami, take your efforts and effort and see and do as much as possible because who knows when so when you will be returning. And you do not want to keep with remorse.


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