Siloso Beach, The Best Beautiful Vacation In Singapore

Although Singapore an island city, it is standing over and above the elegance of the neighboring nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia but Singapore compensate this by organising parties, eateries, bars and sporting activities.

People are attracted by the uniqueness of all the seashores in Singapore such as Siloso Beach as on of top vacation destination to visit.

siloso beach

Weekend trip to Siloso Beach

It is the large celebration central. It is the excellent vacation spot for the boozing lovers and sporting people.

Siloso is synonymous with volleyball and courts are available free on a first-come-first-served basis. You can also try your hand at skim-boarding or kayaking, as well as cycling, rollerblading and other exciting beach activities.

The sheltered 2km long Siloso beach promises a wonderful place to sit and catch some sun or for those looking for a little adventure the island is also home to a Universal Studios theme park.

You can get pleasure if you are a foodie as you have many choice to select from. Also bash lovers can appreciate at the seaside bars castes and bikini bars. Flying trapeze, mega zip and surfying centre wavehouse gives great enjoyments.

The famed and reputed Siloso Seaside Resort presents 5 star accommodation for those who do not want to depart soon after a day frolicking in the sun and sea.

Go to Siloso beach for the best beach experience in Singapore.

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