Sensoji Shrine Temple, The Most Popular Temple in Japan

Many traveler confused, where the temple must be visited when traveling to Tokyo? The answer is Sensoji Shrine, the most popular temple in the land of the Thousand Temples. What is like?

Sensoji Shrine Temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Red Gate stands as if to welcome us. This is known as the gate Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate). One interest on this temple is the middle of the Giant Lantern Kaminarimon Gate. There is a statue of the god of Thunder and the God of Wind on either side.

After passing through this gate, we immediately met with Nakamise Street that sells a variety of souvenirs and snacks are not to be missed. But do not hope we can enjoy the food while walking towards the main temple, because we have to eat in front of the food stalls. This is done to keep the Sensoji Temple.

At the end of the road Nakamise, we meet again the next grandiose gates that Hozomon Gate (Treasure House Gate), which became the entrance to Sensoji Temple. This gate was equipped with giant lanterns.

We will immediately meet with Hall Sensoji Temple, high pagoda also add this beautiful temple. In the hall, too, we can try to predict the fate. Simply pay 100 yen, or 1 USDĀ then the forecast is ready to be read. It is said that this temple right in the forecast! Here we can see the activities of local residents who are worshiping, ranging from self-cleaning with a pool of water on the right, inhale incense in the middle of the main hall and advanced towards the courtyard of the temple, it is rarely seen sight.

The inside Sensoji Shrine quite extensive. We are free to take photos in this place but still have to respect the worshipers. Very beautiful gold altar appears in front of a wood which is used to roll the coins before praying. The top was decorated with paintings of ancient Japan. When bright enough, we can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from this place.

How To Get There

Simply go to Asakusa Station using the subway. Asakusa Station Ginza Line train passed by and Fukutoshin Line. Arrived in Asakusa, just walk 5 minutes and we arrived at the gate Kaminarimon.

6 Photos of the Sensoji Shrine Temple, The Most Popular Temple in Japan

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