The Secret Hawaii and Kailua Beach

kailua beach park

Hawaii is the best destination for people if they want to enjoy the beach. There are so many beaches in Hawaii that can be chosen for destination place. People must spend lot of money if they want to Hawaii. Hawaii is placed in the Middle of Pacific Ocean. People must do the flight if they want to this place. First example beautiful beach in Hawaii is Kailua beach. This place is located in Honolulu Country and become the largest island in Hawaii. Kailua is from two words, Kai mean sea and Lua means two. It is possible if this beach has Kailua beach because this beach has two sea currants.

Kailua Beach

Feel peaceful nuance on Kailua Beach

People who want to go to Kailua beach must do the flight and depart on Honolulu. It takes 30 minutes from Honolulu to this beach. Maybe this island is quite small, but the distant is quite far. The scenery of Kailua beach is awesome. There are many seabird flew away while it time migration season. At the bay, people can see if this beach has two different colors that based on two different current that pass on this beach. Kailua beach become the best beach on 2010 in whole United States of America. This beach has white sand, but doesn’t have any coral just white sand.

The waves in Kailua beach are medium and suitable for surfing. People can go surfing anytime, except night because the waves are so light. The waves in Kailua beach is just for fun. The professional surfer has spent their time in this beach to refreshing. The waves is light and even teenager can do surfing. Besides surfing, people also can enjoy the windsurfing and kite surfing. Because there are two waves and wind, this place also suitable for people who want to windsurfing and kite surfing. The wind is steady and make professional kite surfing enjoy this beach. For information, the professional windsurfing Robby Nash is cam form Kailua.

Beside the beach, there is Flat Island that becomes the seabird stay on this island. Seabird is protected animal and become the symbol Hawaii Island. Kailua Beach is suitable for professional photographer to take picture in this beach. The scenery while sunset is so romantic, with white sand, green forest, and the orange sea water because the reflected by sunlight. People cannot bring the dog to this are because dog can bring some unlucky to the people, based on Kailua resident.


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