Hiking To Second Beach La Push

La Push Beach is a series of long beach commonly called the beach one, two, and three in the Olympic National Park. This beach is located along the Pacific Coastline from Washington State or arriving in the most western part of America. In view of the diversity and breadth, Second Beach La Push is one of the most interesting of the three beaches at La Push Beach Olympic National Park.

Trip to Second Beach La Push

Second Beach La Push around 13 miles from the town of Forks or 7 miles from La Push Road in Olympic National Park. Second Beach is Highlighting by a labyrinth of tide pools, Quateata Arch and Crying Lady Rock to the north, Teahwhit Head to the south, and a wide Expanse of pristine sand in between.

Paths for heading to Second Beach in glorious Quileute Indian Reservation within approximately one miles from the coast. This beach is a beach is the longest and flattest of the three beaches at La Push Beach and has the most dense population of the three. Half a mile from the beach is an archipelago. Sea stacks are mixed throughout the small islands and are known as the Quileute Needle. They are part of a wildlife preserve called; Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge. The coastal wildlife creatures Protects Including but not limited too; seabirds, Oystercatchers, and gulls.

Beautiful and very secluded beach is indeed intended for the climbers. Yes, the journey to the beach little hike around half miles, including through the big staircase and climb a butt load of driftwood to be able to go down to the beach.

When you make it about a half mile into the hike you begin to hear the waves crashing and the anticipation is well worth it. Coming out of the tree line and onto the sand is breath taking. There is a large stretch of flat, undisturbed sand with endless ocean that greats you.

There are many rock formations to view and a lot of tide pools to scope out. When you got to Second Beach La Push, don’t forget to wear dress warm due there is a lot of wind.

Enjoy it!


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Second Beach La Push

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