Sea World Learning in Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium

Sydney had the SEA LIFE Aquarium at Darling Harbour. Ready to enter into the world of the sea? SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is located adjacent to Madame Tussauds Sydney and WILD LIFE Sydney. This attraction also become one of the most visited, especially those who holiday with the family.

Incidentally during holidays, the atmosphere is quite crowded with the majority of small children. The journey begins with a typical fish meet Australia as barramundi, lungfish, and giant catfish or catfish. All were in an aquarium in an attractive display. One type of fish the aquarium, complete with information located on the side.

Runs deeper, there are cute penguins of Philip Island. This little penguin attracted the attention of many children. So that the display area is almost always filled with children.

Fun, visitors can also see the dugong spoiled two who likes to eat. In a way, this is the only sea world who have a spouse dugong can be seen by the public.

Once satisfied to see the dugong were back and forth while eating lettuce, it is time passing in the hallway aquarium. This is the most sought-after tourists because it makes you feel like walking under the sea.

Anyone who passed through here would have to walk slowly or stop because he wanted to look around. Because aquariums in this hallway contain sharks and stingrays, the scenery became more magical.

Face stingrays can be seen from down the hallway. While shark-like walking around near the man giving visitors the opportunity to learn more as to what form the body of the shark.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is located in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Very easy to reach by Subway or bus hop on the hop on. Once the entry price is AUD 40 but if buying online, can only AUD 28.


10 Photos of the Sea World Learning in Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium

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