Visiting The Cool and Artistic Scheveningen Beach

Dutch is well known for its democratic society. You may have visited Dutch, but some of you may still not know about a cool place called Scheveningen Beach. It is the cool beach you can visit when you are in Dutch. This beach will be the right place for you if you are looking for a lively place when you are in Dutch.

scheveningen beach

The Scheveningen Beach always has a lot of things going on and all the activities here are very interesting which for sure you will be addicted to it all or at least you will not be able to resist the enjoyable feeling in the Beach.

Various Things To Do in Scheveningen Beach

Whoever you are and whatever you like to do, if you love beach then you have to visit the Scheveningen Beach. Whether you are a surfer, a party goer or simply someone who loves beach for sun bathing and just relaxing, It is staying there for all of you. Some of the activities you can do is going to surf on the ocean of the Scheveningen, you can also do the SUP boarding, visiting the cool cafes near the beach and drinking delicious cocktail while enjoying the scenery of the beach or just simply hanging around and walking on the seashore.

To do the surfing, you can visit the coolest surfer’s place in Holland, F.A.S.T or The Free Architecture Surf Terrain. You can find F.A.S.T near the harbor in Scheveningen Beach. This location is also the place where all surfers think as the best spot to surf on Scheveningen. You can find F.A.S.T at the other side of the street. Besides surfing, you can also find anything you need around the location. You will be able to find a shop and board storage if you need equipments to learn surfing and join the short course. You can also go to museum, eat at the restaurant, shower to clean all the sand after you surf and even bed if you feel so tired after the fun surfing.

The Artistic Side of Scheveningen Beach

If you are really going to sleep after surfing or when you are near the F.A.S.T location, you will be able to feel the artistic impression of the bunkroom. Because in Scheveningen, art is everything. The bunkroom here is actually an old container used for storage at the seaship. If you think this place is too public for sleeping, you can go to a more personal place to stay, the love suite. And still, it will offer you not only a private place but also with the touch of art. The love suite is made of an old campervan painted like gipsy surfers van. If you want something more artistic and adventurous you can also build your own tent on one of the camping site provided.

Scheveningen Beach is a very cool and artistic place to visit. Maybe for some of you the place may look a little strange at first since everything seems like made of recycled items, messy and also very old. But actually that is the charm of Scheveningen, where everything gets its new life here. The Scheveningen shows you the real implementation of recycle things that also have art value and can be enjoyed by everyone.


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