Enjoy The Sunrise at Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur beach Bali is one of the beaches on the island of Bali is interesting to visit . Natural panoramic beauty make Sanur Beach is famous even since antiquity . In the history of ancient Bali , Sanur Beach has been known as the beautiful beaches , it appears in the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa , a king who has an empire in Singhadwala. Now , there are inscriptions in Blanjong area , the southern part of Sanur Beach .

Sanur Beach Bali was introduced to the world by A. J. Le Mayeur , an artist from Belgium who came to Bali in 1932 . See the attraction of Sanur beach is very beautiful , the Le Mayeur decided to settle in Sanur by establishing a painting studio . Le Mayeur Bali later married a girl named Ni Nyoman Pollok , a famous Legong dancer and a model of one of his paintings . Through paintings Le Mayeur , Sanur Beach began to be known by the international community . Currently , the painting studios have become Le Mayeur Museum and can be visited by the public . Le Mayeur Museum is located in the tourist area of  Sanur Beach Bali..

Sunrise Panoramic in Sanur Beach Bali Indonesia

In contrast to the present beautiful Kuta beach sunset, Sanur beach Bali is famous for the beauty of the rising sun panorama ( sunrise ) . Sanur Beach Bali has a length of 3 kilometers with a coastline facing east , so that the right facing the sunrise , often also referred to the sunrise is beach. The beach with rocks and sand white have a clean and soft , so it has great beauty. This beach has a length of 3 kilometers with a coastline facing east.

When the afternoon you can still see the natural beauty of Sanur beach , you can see the reef when the tide is low , will be found many shallow – marine shoal . Visitors use this moment to up the canoe , small boat kind . Attacks islands and coral rocks jutting into the sea across the sea visible from southern Sanur Beach . Panoramic southern Sanur beach Bali is more beautiful views in the morning . Place a strategic review is part of the East , in Semawang and Mertasari . Situation there was fresh air and a comfortable sea breeze blowing . Atmosphere along the coast of Sanur light and shade as full of big trees .

Location of Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur beach Bali is about 6 km from Denpasar city center and can be reached by private vehicle such as a car or a motorcycle . If you want to use public vehicles ( minibus ) , travelers need not worry because very crowded public transport back and forth between Sanur – Denpasar .

Sanur area is an area in Bali’s first tourist development , characterized by the presence of five-star hotels and various restaurants . Therefore , travelers need not worry if they need lodging or food stalls around the beach . In addition , the tourist area of  Sanur beach Bali also provides souvenir stalls that sell a variety of items as well as art souvenirs typical of the coast .

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