Santorini Beach, Romantic Place for Your Special One

Santorini has known as Thira, a beautiful Supra natural Island, completed by colorful sands. Romantic atmosphere that exist in Santorini makes this place become interesting honeymoon destination. Santorini in the best destination in Europe. Glorious sunray, beautiful beach, cheap flight ticket, villages, restaurant, and luxury hotel become the right place for family holiday.

Santorini has many beaches that has different color of sand. The first beach is Black Perissa Beach. This beach is known as popular Santorini beach from Santorini Island, located 15 kilometers south East of Fira. This beach has amazing black sand and smooth.  Perissa can grab many tourists and serve them with many facilities such as; hotel, bar, restaurant, and night club.

santorini beach

Red Acrotiri Beach is the most popular beach in Santorini beach. This beach is located is the ancient village Actoriri. This beach becomes popular because it has red sand that unique. This beach also has hills behind it, so we should ride a car to visit this little beach. Besides that, we also can access this beach not only by car but also by boat. Next is Monolithos Beach. Located nine kilometers from Fira, near Airport. This beach has gold color sand that very fantastic. If we stand on this beach, we can fell like standing on the treasures. This place is divided by two areas. The first is for family and another is for couple.

The next is Kamari Black Beach. This beach is the longest and most crowded beach in Santorini. Contain of black sand like Black Perissa Beach. Kamari is the hot spot for tourisms that offers varieties of hotel, room, taverns, bar, cafe, and night club.

The last beach is Perivolos Beach located near three kilometers against Perissa Beach. This beach become amazing beach because this beach has blue sparkling water surface and the most quite beach in Santorini.


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