Surf All Day in Santa Barbara Butterfly Beach

Santa Barbara Butterfly Beach is a famous tourist attraction of the slag with a beautiful view of the beach. Although you cannot see the white sand views at here, but this place is perfect once used to swimming or surf all day with your family or friends.

Santa Barbara beach butterfly is a very simple beach, but often visited by famous people. The atmosphere at this beach will not be the same as in other tourist spots are numerous; in here you will only see some of the local tourist do sunbathing or swimming activity.

santa barbara butterfly beach

With the beach facing west, you will surely sight of the sunset in the afternoon on the water. When this happens, the reflection of sunlight bouncing off the sea is very romantic effect of all, when you shall see the views with your lovers together.

Because this place is still greenery and it is not a frequently visited tourist attraction of foreign and local tourists, you will not find many public facilities at this beach. Because that’s when you want to vacation to Santa Barbara butterfly beach, you need to bring some items such as mats or other equipment that facilitate in doing the activity.

To head to Santa Barbara Butterfly beach, you can take towards 101 to Olive Mill Road in Montecito, which a few minutes south of Santa Barbara. Once you see the stop sign, go to the sea to avoid the mountain by following quarter mile along the beach.

On your left, you will find the Santa Barbara beach butterfly. The parking place is very limited at all, and especially on the weekends, you will find it hard to find the free parking area near the center of Santa Barbara beach butterfly. The best way is to have a vehicle parked you can find on the outskirts of the homes of residents.

Overall, the Santa Barbara Butterfly beach is the tourist spot area but not famous beaches like Hawaii. In this beach you will see dominant local tourists to do some activities on the beach, especially at the weekend the beach will be crowded.


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