Salton Sea, Beaches In The USA So Grave Millions of Fish!

salton sea documentary

Glance in the eyes of tourists , there was nothing strange of sand beach Salton Sea in California , USA . But , instead of white sand , the entire coastal area filled with millions of fish bones . Even water was not blue , but brown .

Salton Sea Beach is not a beach overlooking the ocean , but the largest coastal lake in the State of California . If you look from a distance, the traveler will surely think this lake is blue and white sand . But when approached , ‘ real face ‘ Salton Sea Beach will appear .

salton sea

salton sea

White sand was not sand . It is the millions of fish bone destroyed by geological phenomena . Citing Oddity Central , Wednesday ( 02/05/2014 ) , the emergence of the Salton Sea originated from purely geological accident .

History of the salton sea beach

In 1905 , irrigation canals from the Colorado River was destroyed due to heavy rain . Even then seeps into the outskirts of the river channel , carrying millions of gallons of water into a basin in the California desert .

Salton Sea reached its heyday around 1950-1960 . It is a popular destination among tourists , was asked as a ‘ miracle in the desert ‘ aka miracle in the desert . Nearly half a million tourists come each year . Celebrities such as the Beach Boys and Sonny Bono Salton Sea and often visited to swim and ride a speedboat .

Unfortunately , the glory did not last long . The lake tragic ending . Salt and pesticides are buried in the bottom of the lake seeps upwards , killing millions of fish that had lived there . The Salton Sea salt content is quite high , 30 % more than the waters of the Pacific Ocean .

In the 1970s , the Salton Sea was abandoned . Coast was filled with the bones of millions of dead fish due to pesticides . Jamie Lee Curtis , a traveler who recently visited the Salton Sea wrote there are several tourist places near there like Banana Museum and the Salton Sea History Museum .

The majority of tourists who now visit the Salton Sea is a documentary filmmaker . In fact , the very danger of the Salton Sea , but not the basic coastal lakes that contain many toxins . Dare to get there ?


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