Sakinoyu Onsen Shirahama Japan, Hot Spring in Beach

sakinoyu onsen

Sakinoyu Onsen – Do ever heard onsen? It is the name of a public bath or bath with hot water in Japan. Here, the hot water can soak for flexing of muscles in the body. Onsen are usually located in the mountains, but not in Shirahama, this onsen located at the beach. Tourists can soak in as much hot water there, while naked.

sakinoyu onsen

Generally, onsen or hot spring in the mountains. But there are different Shirahama. The town is located in Wakayama Prefecture has onsen right on the beachfront. The location of the onsen and the sea is only limited by the rock. Base inform CNN on Monday (06/09/2014), this onsen named Sakinoyu Onsen. Just like other onsen in general, required to submerge the entire nude or removing clothing. But do not worry, bath place for men and women are separated. As soon as you first enter, visitors are greeted by a wooden building.

In this building there are two doors locker blue for men and red for women. From this door, you will enter into a more private area and led to the wading pool.

Sakinoyu Onsen One of The Oldest Hot Spring in Japan

According Sakinoyu Onsen manager, not a few foreign tourists who feel the heat due to soaking, and decided to throw themselves into the sea. “We found that foreign tourists feel the heat and decide to throw themselves into the sea in the nude,” he explained.

Even so, it turns out this onsen is one of the most respected in the Japanese onsen. Obviously, This place was already over 1,300 years. Even the mention, Sakinoyu onsen was once visited by emperors and nobles.

Regardless of the region is known as naked hot spring, Shirahama is also known as a vacations place of  family holiday. Here, tourists can bring their children to the Adventure World. Adventure World is not a regular recreational park. Here, tourists can see 7 giant pandas, making Adventure World as the place with the most giant pandas in Japan.


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