Sacre Coeur Basilica, Beautiful Church On The Montmartre Hill Paris

How many visitors to Paris could fail to notice the Sacre Coeur, a whitewashed skeleton on the Montmartre hill in northern Paris? At the highest point in the city, this bleached basilica punctuates the skyline on the horizon. On the top of Monmartre Hill on the outskirts of Paris, there is a beautiful church, Sacre Coeur Basilica. This church build on baroque architecture and could be seen from the sidelines in the streets of Paris’s Champs Elysees neighborhood. The church is close to the district of Pigalle, the red district in Paris. This is a nightlife district, sex shop where there is one of the legendary cabaret club, the Moulin Rouge.

Sign into this region, also through a small alley in right-left filled with souvenir stalls are mostly owned by immigrants from Morocco. Because the church is located at the top of the hill, the road uphill contours. You can brave the 222 steps to reach the top of the hill from the Place Saint-Pierre, or you can save your shoe leather and energy and take the funicular railway from rue Foyatie. The funicular will carry you up to the village-like setting of Montmartre. In fact, it will deliver you a stone’s throw from the Basilica.

You can use a metro T ticket or the Navigo passes to pay for your fare. However you get to the top, the reward is worth the climb. Not only will you find spiritual tranquility, but also beautiful Romano-Byzantine architecture and a spectacular panoramic view over the city. You can then move on to discover the colorful “village of artists” of Montmartre. In the courtyard of the church on the hill of Montmartre (Mount of Martyr), the City of Paris can be seen below.

Built in 1875, this Roman Catholic basilica called Sacred Coeur or the Sacred Heart because it is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus and loving. Pope John Paul II has ever made a pilgrimage to this basilica on June 1, 1980.

The Sacre Coeur Basilica is open daily from as early at 6am and to 10:30pm, the last possible visits being thirty minutes before closure. Yet if you want to enjoy a fantastic view and climb up to the Dome you can only do this from 9am to 6pm in winter and 7pm in summer. On top of that you can also visit the crypt, but the times for that are more variable and thus it is always an idea to check first before going.

In addition to that you can also attend Mass, which on a weekday are conducted at 11:15am, 6:30pm, and 10pm. On a Friday there is an additional Mass with a time of adoration or Eucharistic procession. And on a Sunday there is a Solemn Mass at 11am, 6pm and at 10pm. Confessions are held daily between 10am and midday, between 2:30pm and 6pm and finally at 8:30pm and 10pm.

Finally on top of the services and view there are also special events that take place during holy weeks, such as the week of Easter, Christmas and more along with a shop and religious book shop which opens daily from 9:30am and 5:30pm which you can look around and buy from.

On inside, there is a fresco or mural above the ceiling depicting Jesus with glowing hearts. The tourists and pilgrims were allowed to enter the church, just look up to pray. The rule, dress modestly and not noisy. If you want to take pictures too, do not use flash. If not, get ready to be reprimanded even expelled sexton.

So if you want to visit the Sacre Coeur Basilica for the services, the view or just for an experience, you are not going to be disappointed when you go on holiday in Paris.


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