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There are many tourist attractions in the Japanese culinary interest to attend, one of which is Kabukicho Robot Restaurant. As the name implies, you will be greeted and served by a waitress in the form of robots. But sexy you know! Japan was known to have many unique tourist attractions, be it a building, a recreational park and even to restaurants. Kabukicho Robot Restaurant or better known as Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, is the restaurant attracted the attention of tourists and only aged 18 years and over who may enter.

Quoted from Reuters, Robot Restaurant has been around since the year 2012 ago. In it there are many robots as high as 3.6 meters with a display of pingang down like a Gundam robot and shaped waist up woman in sexy, like wearing only a bikini.

Parties of Robot Restaurant is combining robots and sexy theme to entertain visitors. Display robot is tempting, plus there are beautiful women who sit in front of the robot and bring a variety of menus to the visitors.

Do not stop there, Robot Restaurant each day parade was performing robot and a sexy dancer at the restaurant. Tourists stay sit back and look at the women swaying with various theme costumes and sexy robots. If you want to try, tourists can also try to control the robot.

Do not be surprised, the atmosphere in the restaurant is similar to a nightclub. Garnish various colored lights, dim light, and the sound of pop music or loud stomping disco will welcome the arrival of tourists.

Prepare pocket for 6,000 Yen or about $ 66 to watch the parade of robots and eat a variety of Japanese food menu. Robot Restaurant is open each evening at 18:00 local time until 23:00 local time. Sexy robots and other performances take place three times and about 60 minutes of each show.


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