Rainbow Beach, Best Destination for New Couples in Australia

Rainbow beach is a tourist spot that located in the Australian state. This place is serves a variety of beautiful beaches places, coral reefs and white sand along the beach. But you will not find many modern facilities in this place to facilitate you perform a variety of holiday activities.

Known as rainbow beach, it is because at certain moments you will witness a scene rainbow of various places there, especially during the change of seasons; from summer to rainy season. This is a tremendous attraction for local and foreign tourists who come to Rainbow Beach and Rainbow Beach is one of the romantic tourist destination often visited by the newly married couples, and of course there will be a wide range of exciting experience if you go there.


In there, you are also being able to see a transmitter tower that located not far from the Rainbow Beach. The place was very beautiful, and it is often used as a background for photos of the tourists who visit Rainbow Beach. If you get into, and to the top floor, you’ll see the ocean view that stretches very wide.

At the afternoon in Rainbow Beach, you will see a sunset view from the beach and usually only lasts about 15 minutes.

Rainbow BeachUnlike the crowded beach resorts who are visited by tourists, The Rainbow Beach in Australia looks very quiet with few visitors who do holiday activity in there. This is due to the access to Rainbow Beach is not easy to reach, because there is no public transport to use like bus, or others to get there.

To perform the holiday at Rainbow Beach, you need to hire a travel agent which has the purpose of traveling to rainbow beach. The price is quite affordable for everyone and the package includes a trip for a variety of accommodation, dinner, and other facilities to facilitate you perform a variety of holiday activities with family or friends.

The Location of Rainbow Beach places which is about 239 km from Brisbane and 75 km from Gympie. You can visit RainbowBeach by using four-wheel drive or two wheels, but also there are some tourists that use sea transportation.


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Rainbow Beach
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