Porter Sculpture Park, The Greatest Outdoor Museum Art

The United States has many attractive parks for holidays with family. One of them is Porter Sculpture Park in South Dakota. Uniquely, this park has a statue of a giant bull! Sculpture collection are usually displayed in a building like art museums. But apparently Wayne Porter, the artist statue maker and owner is pleased to display his collection in the wild.

Porter Sculpture Park located in Monstore, South Dakota, USA. Visiting in the official website, this park displays more than 50 sculptures by various forms. There are a statue of the fish, grasshoppers, spiders, flowers and other shapes. Various statues in the park is made from the metal. Giant statue of a bull’s head became the main focus in Porter Sculpture Park. This statue is a sculpture made in Wayne Porter greatest with a size of about 18 m, weighing more than 25 tons.

Porter Sculpture Park is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day USA. The price of entry ticket $ 8 (USD 97 thousand) for adults, $ 4 (USD 48 thousand) for ages 13-17 years and free for children under 13 years. The park remains open even though it’s raining. If you are visiting when Wayne Porter was in the Garden, do not hesitate to invite chat. He will explain about the statues with pleasure.

6 Photos of the Porter Sculpture Park, The Greatest Outdoor Museum Art

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