Pink Sand Beach of Bahamas

Whatever magazine you read, whoever person you ask, if you want an information about the most beautiful beach in the world, the list will most probably always the beach in Bahamas. Bahamas archipelago includes more than 700 islands. Bahamas is also well known for its pink sand beach.

If everybody can, they must be held their wedding and honeymoon in the pink sand beach of Bahamas. The pink sand beach is not only adding the romantic aura of the vacation but also draw the beachgoers and visitors to a more secluded island of Bahamas. And if you love photography, the pink sand beach of Bahamas is surely the place you should visit.

The Origin of Pink sand beach

You probably love the pink sand beach and really want to visit the place or revisit it if you have come before. But not many people really know why the beach can be pink and make us tempted to go there.

Pink sand beach Bahamas is actually the result of coral, shells and calcium carbonate from marine crustaceans that break down into their finest particles and the mixture includes the microscopic single cell foraminifera. The Foram lives underneath coral and a handful of 4.000 or more species carry a bright red shell that adds a rosy hue to the bone white talcum found in Bahamas. But Foram will only result the pink sand beach when there is sufficient numbers directed by the right currents lead to the final resting place of powdery sand.

The Famous Pink sand beach of Harbour Island

The pink sand beach on the east coast of Harbour Island has 3 miles of blushing, fine and powdery sand. It is known as the beach with the color of salmon tinted. The shoreline is about 100 feet and very wide. The Telegraph and some other media also have listed this beach on the top 10 list of Caribbean beach. You can reach the Harbour Island by taking ferry from the northern coast of Eleuthera island, this will then lead you to take the direct air link to Florida and Nassau. This island only provides few resorts but you can enjoy the beach from dawn to sundown by taking exclusive boltholes.

The Mother Island of Eleuthera

Eleuthera has its own pink sand beach that decorates the long strips of coastline on Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea sides. One of the alternative pink sand beaches you can visit on Eleuthera is the French Leave Beach, which located in the fringes of governor’s harbor, near the airport. This French Leave Beach is also the home to new French Leave Resort on this otherwise deserted strip.

Other pink sand beach is the Wave Riding Haven Surfer beach on the northern tip of the island, about two miles from Gregory Town. And also Lighthouse Beach which got the name from the striking lighthouse that stands on a limestone outcrop overlooking the waves, on the southern tip to carry a rose hue.


12 Photos of the Pink Sand Beach of Bahamas

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